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Have you ever considered the impact social media can have on your preschool growth strategy? If you haven’t, start thinking about it now.  77% of all U.S businesses have an active presence on social media. Most of your colleagues in early childhood education are also among these numbers. However, with all the responsibilities of running your preschool staying on top of social media accounts can be a daunting task. It is truly a full-time job so hence the need for an expert.

As a preschool owner here are just a few reasons why you need a social media manager to help you stay engaged and relevant on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile.

1. Improve your credibility and company image in your local community
2. Awesome tool to connect with prospective and current parents
3. Positively impacts enrollment and retention
4. You are seen as an expert in early childhood education
5. Stay ahead by studying your competition also on Social Media
6. Can Increase SEO results and Google ranking
7. Bring more traffic/new customers to your website
8. Enjoy greater return on your investment (ROI)
9. Create partnerships with other businesses
10 Acquire new employees and staff

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